Chinese End-users are Fond of “N+mall” Domains in Mall Times


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To carry out better brand building and promotion, recently a domestic leading B2B2C open platform officially announced that it will launch its new domain name Before this, its name was, although compared to it differs for just one letter in length, is much easier to be remembered and input, which is very important for the corporate brand image. is a typical “N + mall” combination domain, which is one of the most favorite domain types for both big and small e-commerce corporations. Among them, many have launched their “N + mall” domains, such as “天猫”, “华为”, “乐视”, “5猫商城”, “数据堂”, “电信旗下购物平台” and so on.

Why do these corporations chase after “N + mall” domains? First of all, the meaning of “mall” is shopping center which highly conforms to e-commerce corporations’ businesses. Secondly, the word “mall” is very easy to be remembered after you had a glance at it. Finally, more and more well-known companies use “N + mall” domains which increases its awareness and popularity. When the users’ habits have been formed, your “N + mall” domains could easily convey your platforms’ basic information.

Source: DNQueen


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