Chinese Domaining Masterclass Concludes With Numbers 0 And 10


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Here are the previous 9 installments:

0: 零; Pinyin: Líng

The number zero precedes all other numbers, so in Chinese culture it is employed to stand for “the source,” “the origin,” and “the starting point.” Zero is also used to symbolize “nothing,” or “the absence of.”

Both the Mandarin and Cantonese spelling of the number zero is “ling.” A well-known Chinese numeric pun uses zero to indicate “you” in a familiar and honorific form.

  • The verb sound-alikes for the number zero are: encroach, listen
  • The noun sound-alikes for the number zero are: antelope, tinkling sound, sound of water flowing, forest
  • The adjective sound-alike for the number zero is: clever
10: 十; Pinyin: Shí

The number 10 is the number of perfection because it’s the end of a counting cycle in the decimal system. Chinese people often say 十全十美 (shí quán shí měi), meaning “ten wholesome, ten beauties.” What this actually means is something close to “as wholesome and perfect as it could possibly be.” With that being said, the number ten symbolizes “completeness” and what some could even think of as “the godhead.”

The numbers zero and ten have nearly opposite meanings, and aren’t very popular numbers so the references, puns, and alternate meanings are irrelevant.

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Some top-selling numeric sales over the past several years that include the number zero:




I wonder what meaning 0110 would have, if any. The money making opportunities with something like this seem almost endless. Does anyone know the most amount ever paid for a number only domain?


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