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O.K. So Go Daddy discounts @ $12.99 right ?

Well, offer $9.99 registrations but here is the KICKER :)

Add additional years for $3.99 a piece ..

So you want a year reg of XXXXXXXXX.CO ? $12 :)

Cool Stuff :)

.CO has had great results for me in the one area I tested it. I don't think it is there any more but I got with high competition and used .co - after the google 7 pack it showed up first in 2 weeks using a well known marketing tool ...

So .co brings global visitors.


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Not even a single thanks :) This is a good deal lol

I gotta kinda excited and I don't even do .co much at all ... I think 3 of them


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Some .co domains for sale -,,

Send a message to me if interested.


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I think TLD doesn't matter in search engine ranking...
I have seen A site extraction .to and performing well in on a very high competitive word such 'hosting' coming at top...
My .dj extraction is also doing well in


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Eventhough .co was released to Colombia. Now it shifted to the global audience.. Now only the third level domains such,,, are intented with Colombia country.

I have felt is the official tieups with .co domain extnesions.
Anyway its good to hear that it boosts ranking as in like .com

if so the valueof and will definelty increase if you can hold on.


.co is as worthless as .in stick to .com .net .biz .info .org etc.
.co and .in will never rank well outside India or Colombia.


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.co is as worthless as .in stick to .com .net .biz .info .org etc.
.co and .in will never rank well outside India or Colombia.

Then why have you been wasting 2.5 years of your life on InForum?

Before writing pointless things you should educate yourself:

- as for .CO: do a Google search for CAR GAMES or DOMAIN SECURITY and tell me where you see them (from here, is on 6th position with 120+ million results and and is on 4th position with 170+ million results)

- as for .IN: I'll make it even more difficult. .IN has nothing to do with Spanish, but I'll show you that it ranks great for a Spanish keyword. Search on Google for JUEGOS GRATIS (free games) and, again, tell me where you find it. From here, is on 10th position with 80+ million results.

Of course, if you have different results from your location, just let me know and I'll upload the screenshots.


.co is as worthless as .in stick to .com .net .biz .info .org etc.
.co and .in will never rank well outside India or Colombia.

Hi Chaudi, I am sorry you are very wrong, just because I have numbers and real data to prove to you that. I have done so many proof of concept sites that required just budget hosting and a good domain name and they performed excellent on all search engines. One site ranked well on Google as long as the site existed. It ranked in top 5 results on 1st page worldwide for the keyword "free fonts" for almost 3 years!

So my conclusion is IT IS A MYTH - "SOME EXTENSIONS DON'T RANK WELL IN SEARCH ENGINES(MAINLY GOOGLE)" I have spent 12 years of my life learning about this stuff. I never talked before I was a learner myself and still am, while learning is a continuous process I am now able to share some of what I have learnt the HARD WAY.

Also search engines exist to serve people and supply them with relevant information when asked. People need content that is useful to them, you provide it, you try to provide more value, try something new, see what works keep doing it. Domains, Domainers and Developers are not priority for search engines, FRESH, GOOD, UNIQUE and USEFUL CONTENT is. Presentation and accessibility matters too.

I see people always talking about ranking in search engines, instead EVERYONE'S main priority should be CONTENT OPTIMIZATION and SEO IS PART OF CONTENT OPTIMIZATION not a GOAL in itself. I don't like it but it is not like everybody think like me and we are all different and it is good that way, so that we always have something to TALK about.

You have expressed your opinion, I value your opinion and I just expressed mine and it happened to be different. Now people have choice let them think what they want :D have a nice day.


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I have seen...
The day i started using google analytic Rank of my site Got Boosted in Google for various keywords...
And also meta and a Option in to set Geographic target
Help us where our site will rank better...


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you mean .co is designed to rank well in Colombia and INDIA only ???

Incorrect. I have had a .co site get good US based traffic.

If it is hitting the US, you know Google is giving it the same ranking world wide.

I am getting ready to try .in in the same way and see what happens.

This much I cna tell you, .co was made for Columbia - however it has BECOME .CO (COMPANY) through expensive advertising campaigns.

It honestly has a decent chance of running pretty well ... Shorter than .com and Google giving it the same power on my one test I ran.

I am getting ready to pit against before long.


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