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In early April, I noticed that the domain name had changed hands. I had made a couple of offers to buy the domain name, and when I went to do a follow-up, I saw that the domain name was no longer registered to the company that owned it for many years.

The Whois record for shows the Canadian Tire Corporation is now the registrant of the domain name. The McClatchy Company, a publicly traded media company had been the registrant and was using the domain name for a North Carolina news publication. When I learned the domain name had changed hands in early April, I reached out to a few people at Canadian Tire, and they said they could not comment on the acquisition.

Last week, Simeon Tuoyo mentioned on Twitter that the domain name had been acquired. I had a look at, and I see that the domain name is now being used for a program called Triangle Rewards. According to the website, “Triangle Rewards will be the new name of Canadian Tire’s My Canadian Tire Money program.”

In light of the Triangle Rewards website launch, I reached back out to the Canadian Tire Corporation to see if they could offer a comment. Unfortunately, I was told they “do not have any further details to share.” is an exceptional domain name. I wouldn’t even speculate on the price to acquire, but I am sure it was a lot of money. Perhaps McClatchy will report the sale in a subsequent SEC filing, but my guess is the sale price won’t be reported or it won’t be possible to identify this particular domain name.



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