Call for Donuts to Release Proof of Original “Record Breaking” gTLD Sale in Late 2017


With another ‘out of the ordinary’ new Generic Domain Name sale publicly announced by Donuts Inc. for Vacation.Rentals(reportedly acquired for $500,300.00 in an all-cash deal) this becomes their second earth-shattering alternative-dot transaction in the last twelve months of which many will agree, appears to be sent straight from the heavens above. In fact, all of their employees should vacate the Kirkland, Washington premises immediately and purchase lottery tickets; luck and good fortune is abound.

The first colossal sale which rattled the domain industry hit the wire back in January when new gTLD domain name Home.Loans was reportedly purchased for $500,000.00, in yet another all-cash deal. You may remember that I highlighted that transaction in sheer disbelief’, which opinion was greeted with a small flurry of comments that also questioned the legitimacy of the sale.

One industry veteran commented that in his opinion questions are indeed proper in such scenarios:

This is exactly the reason I posted the story of my sale on dnjournal back in 2014. I put the Escrow document in the article showing the names and email addresses of those involved. Transparency is key. People are investing their hard earned money and need to know the truth in order to make sound business decisions. Be careful of manipulators”, said Michael Castello, owner/CEO of



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