Calculating sell through rates for Brandbucket

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    I meant to post it some time ago when BB started disclosing the number of sellers info per month.

    Now that I saw a thread by a user showing interest in the stat, I thought it might be useful for many trying to decide if they should commit to considerable upfront cost of listing at BB.

    BB discloses that 59 different sellers sold at least a name during May 2019. This is in the ballpark of what they had disclosed in the previous months.

    Further, in a chart, they show that 41 sellers had 1 sale and 18 had 2 or more.

    Since we don't know how many names are sold in average by multiple name sellers, we would need to make an assumption here. And you can increase/decrease the range per your personal subjective reasoning and base your decision on that.

    I have assumed average of 3 for most probable and 4 as optimistic.

    So then my range becomes 41+ 3x18 = 95 to 41 + 4x18 = 113.

    So, by this assumption, BB sells 95 to 113 names.

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