Buying LLL.IN & Single Word .IN

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I'm looking for high quality or single word .in domains

Budget : $1 - $100 each

LLL.IN: Prefer CVC or Words or All premium

Single Word: Prefer short words without -ed -es -ing -ly -able suffixes.

Please pm only and post pm sent, price must be included per domain, thanks!


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Guys, I've been buying .ins since 2007, and know what is good and what isn't.

Please don't send me crap w/ $x,xxx price tags, it's just not going to fly.

And if you don't know why it's crap, read up a little more.


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I have:

Created On:03-Jun-2008 21:38:24 UTC

Domain Name:PAVE.IN
Created On:19-Dec-2009 00:46:56 UTC

Domain Name:YTD.IN
Created On:25-Mar-2010 23:43:09 UTC

Domain Name:WTB.IN
Created On:05-Apr-2007 02:46:06 UTC

Maybe even more *giggle

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Now also buying double premiums with k,v,w,x,y (no q/j/z)

Prices between $1-$10 ea.

Prefer bulk purchases.


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I have sent you a PM

Are you Interested in these Domains

All are 300+ days validity
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