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It’s rumored but not confirmed that Richard Lau sold a five letter, dictionary word domain name that has hundreds of thousands of exact match searches per month, and thousands of companies use this word in their name…but nobody’s been able to confirm the sale or the price.

The domain?

In this interview, Lau shares:

  • Why he saw value in this domain name and purchased it for $100,000 in 2011
  • Why purchase partnerships may be beneficial for investors (as well as concerns)
  • Whether he’s investing in .net domains, and if they are investment opportunities for newer investors
  • What his investment strategy and portfolio includes
  • Why he develops domains and runs businesses like, and
  • What you can expect at Namescon January 22-27, 2017 in Vegas (pssst…special discount if you haven’t purchased your ticket yet)
The podcast is available here


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