Buying an expired name? Run a background check first!


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It is very important that you run a background check before you buy a domain name. This is important because if you happen to build a website on a domain name that is black-listed or has a bad reputation with Google, it is not going to rank on Google and your business may run into losses, even after all the marketing and other tactics.

Here is what to look out for:

1) Ownership WhoIs and its history

2) How often did the site change its hosting - This will give you an idea of how stable the site is

3) Backlinks and patterns- Look if there are blog comment spams, directory link etc.

4) Check for Google cache data.

Only when you are sure that the domain never had any bad records, should you think of developing it into a business.
Doing a little research on this subject may save you tonnes of money as well as time.

You are most welcome to add anything else to it!!


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