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Sometimes it feels like a real challenge finding a hosting that suits our needs. One possible solution is to build one of our own, although it is definitely a waste if we only use it for our own projects. Running it as a business is a whole new level, though. What are the biggest challenges of building our own hosting?


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I have heard people say that web hosting is already a saturated field though who am I to discourage you from starting one? As you've rightly mentioned, it may be of use to look at the scope of the web hosting.


Are you talking about building a server after getting a barebones one from a hosting company, or setting up your own physical server in a house or something? That's a lot of work, with all the patching and security and other things.


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Are you talking about building a server after getting a barebones one from a hosting company, or setting up your own physical server in a house or something? That's a lot of work, with all the patching and security and other things.
It isn't an easy thing to even consider venturing into. I have always assumed that this is something that may interest a web developer or someone who's into web development in general.


I think you can do that. If you own VPS or dedicated server, you can surely get your own hosting. And the best part about this is that you can control how much resources to allocate. And you can get rid of resources which may slow down your host. So it's definitely possible but you just need more technical knowledge in such context.


I think you can do that. If you own VPS or dedicated server, you can surely get your own hosting.
Isn't the person who supplies the VPS or dedicated server the hoster? The machines and service are in their possession and they're hgandling issues like power supply and telecoms connectivity. I'll happily build on a barebones machine in that situation.

I have seen someone running an actual hosting service from their house. It was disturbing, with computers, not racks, just piled up under the stairs and a lot of blinking lights. He had to manage the phone lines, power, networks to keep the uptime at 99.9% and never got a break. That's far too much work for me to ever do!


It would be cool to do your own hosting. In fact, it might be a way to save a lot of money. However, though, I don't have the first clue about setting it up or the cost involved. Anyway, setting up your own hosting could also lead to big money cause your selling hosting that has no middleman.


The hosting business seems to be a big one, considering how many there are out there. So, I'd say competition would be the biggest problem with a hosting business.
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