.Brexit gets ICANN's approval as Britain departs from the .EU

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    ICANN overrode its bureaucratic processes for the first time in 25 years, approving the new gTLD dot .Brexit.

    The approval process took a mere 21 days, considerably less than the 3 months or more it takes for most new gTLDs to be approved.

    “The British government applied for the .Brexit gTLD directly, thus opening a diplomatic channel with the top echelons of ICANN,” said the British Prime Minister, Theresa May.

    “We are absolutely delighted that ICANN is assisting with the transition from .EU addresses to the new dot .Brexit namespace for all British businesses,” added Mrs. May.

    Millions of Britons will be able to register dot .Brexit domains, such as ILove.Brexit, Bollox.Brexit and AbsolutelyBloodyLovely.Brexit, for only one quid.

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