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Hi friends, I have added domains at Bodis.

I can see 3 options Under Sale Status in Settings 1.Not for sale 2.Inquiry and 3.For Sale

I have 1 domain for sale, 2 for Inquiry and Others under NOT for sale but I have all my Domains with BODIS Name Servers.

My question is " Is it mandatory to put For sale to get Parking Stats and revenue or Irrespective of Sale Status( 3 options as above), we get Parking Stats and Revenue once we set Bodis name servers".

Example: I have a domains with NOT for sale status, still can i get parking revenue?

So far after one day of parking i can see 0 visitors and 0 clicks. ( Note: I have added all my domains at Bodis with dfferent sale options)

Eventhough i have added my domains at bodis.....My next queston is "Is mandatory to add domains and then set Nameservers for Bodis to get parking revenue or Just irrespective of adding domains ( Not adding domains at bodis), can we just set nameservers for bodis to get parking revenue"

Please answer above 2 questions..thanks


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none answered....but time gave me an answer...even without putting for sale i can see visitors recorded. thaks


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