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Chris Sheridan shared a great Q&A video interview with WordPress founder Matt Mullenweg at WordCamp Europe 2016. At around the 20 minute mark of the video, Matt discusses the .Blog new gTLD domain extensionthat was acquired by WordPress earlier this year.

The discussion focused around the revenue sources for Auttomatic, the parent company of WordPress. Previously, there were three revenue “buckets” for the company, but the .Blog extension is poised to become the fourth bucket. In fact, Matt has big plans for .Blog domain names, and he predicted selling .Blog domain names “could be a multi $100 million business.”

VentureBeat reported that the .Blog extension was acquired for $19 million, although Matt is a bit coy in this interview due to what I presume are legal reasons.

.Blog is definitely an extension that I will be watching, especially when it comes to the marketing of these domain names. WordPress has a massive audience and .Blog is an extension that should see considerable traction.


Well, I guess .Blog is going to be huge. They may move the wordpress users to use .Blog domain name for their blogs.

What do you think could be other uses related to Wordpress and how could this be marketed?


WordPress made the right move acquiring that domain. It makes their platform even stronger for bloggers. There are other websites which serve as micro blogging, such as Tumblr, but WordPress offers so much even for the free plan. I haven't seen the TLD used much, but it has a good prospect. WordPress is the right group for it.


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