BitTorrent Acquires The Domain Had a BIN Price of $75,000


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The domain name was listed for sale for $75,000 on Sedo and was owned by the .co Registry, .CO Internet S.A.S. which is owned by Neustar (NSR).

BitTorrent is ranked as a top 5,500 in terms of traffic in the world by Alexa.

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Kudos for, acquiring such a great domain name: Is a neat asset to have around. has great flow of traffic by itself, with this acquisition, one could expect an impressive increase in regards of traffic.
Sounds like a solid domain to buy. I don't really think .co is the most massively necessary thing ever, but I can definitely see how theyd' think it's useful enough for $75,000, considering how little that probably is for them to invest in their brand.
Probably using the .co for a shorthand from content of their site(s) to be shared via social media, kinda the same how Twitter uses So not as their main domain, as it doesn't make much sense, but just as a short URL for which it's the spot on choice in my opinion.
Ah I see, lets them get out there on space-sensitive ads. I didn't even think of that, that sounds huge. Who knows, that's like another sentence per tweet's worth of characters. Mind blown :) Thanks.


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