Bitly to Generate HTTPS Links for All Bitly Branded Domains


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Bitly, the world’s leading link management platform, today announced that the company is generating SSL certificates for more than 40,000 Bitly branded domains used by marketers to create links and share content across the channels, devices, and networks. All links created through the platform will now be secure HTTPS links.

The upgrade represents Bitly’s commitment to not only branded domain users, but all marketers and internet users around the globe, to ensure that encryption and security remain a top priority. Bitly processes data associated with more than 12 billion clicks per month, leading to massive troves of intelligence for marketers to better connect with consumers and make informed business decisions.

SSL certificates for more than 40,000 and HTTPS secure links for Bitly is quite neat. This is going to encourage prospective marketers to use its platform. Given how much sensible data is continually navigating through the web, a strong encryption and security system is required. Cyber criminals don't have that easy at all.


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