.BIO and .ARCHI hit 10,000 registrations


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iStarting Dot, the company behind .BIO, .ARCHI and .SKI new gTLDs announced that two of its new gTLDs achieved the 10,000 registrations milestone.

After only eight months, .Archi and .Bio hit 10,000 registrations.The company also announced that over 50% of the registrations resolve to an active website.

Here is the announcement that was made:

“We are proud to say that in only eight months we have managed to secure over 10,000 registrations in our new top-level domains.The response from the global domain name industry for our new domains has been overwhelming and we are truly humbled that registrants are selecting .bio and .archi as their next generation web address of choice," said Starting Dot director Godefroy Jordan.
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