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1000 $ good advertisement ?
Request certification application and deposit invoice

By clicking the button below a certification application and a deposit invoice will be emailed to the address listed in your Sedo account. Once you have received the documents please:

  1. Complete the application form included in the email, sign it and fax the document back to Sedo along with a copy a government issued photo ID and a bank statement or utility bill from within the previous 60 days. Documents may be faxed to our US office at +1 617-499-7204 or European office at +49 (0)221 340 30 101 or emailed to When sending the application ensure the contact information in your Sedo account and the application are up-to-date as Sedo may need to contact you during the process.
  2. Review the payment instructions on the invoice and wire the fully refundable EUR 1,000.00 security deposit. Please note that funds must be sent via wire transfer to Sedo. Wire transfers can take several business days to process, if you anticipate making an offer above 100,000 USD/EUR/GBP in a Sedo auction please plan ahead as bids cannot be made until the deposit has been received.


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The only outside thought, I had was that the Indian motorcycle maker would have dabbled with the idea to get the domain :D Indian Motorcycles Official Website

These are legendary motorcycles, and the company went bankrupt in the 1950s. Polaris started manufacturing the motorcycles again in 2013 after buying the name.
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