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There is message at Bido website "Bido is ceasing operation as of May 5, 2010. All transactions and accounts will be gracefully finalized and closed."


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A very sad day. Bido seemed to try to do everything right, yet still couldn't attract quality inventory. I wish the founders the best.


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Hi Jeff, yes, its true, we are back. :)
Thank you for noticing and linking to our blog post.

We will make an announcement to all registered members soon. We are into a soft relaunch now, the first auction actually just started about ten minutes ago.

With yours and the rest of the community support, we will help a lot of buyers and sellers do business.

If any INForum members need anything at Bido, please let me know.

We are ready for your domains, so please list them.. also there are some auctions setup, some good deals, buyers should look carefully at the inventory up for bidding.
edited as i have talked with kussy and will wait one month before replying to this..
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There is a clear option under "settings" on to unsubscribe from their newsletter or any email from them.
If you need to delete your account, contact them from their website.
There is no need for you to rant over here.
i have 'cleared' it as you said and also clicked on ' Please do not email me about anything ' checkbox and applied it, and will wait by the end of this month to see if i still get any more unwanted messages, and then decide to rant or not ;-)
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