Berkens and Mike Mann cash in selling to end users


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Michael Berkens and Mike Mann both land on the end user sales chart this week.

Michael Berkens bought on in December for $1,050. This past week he sold it for a whopping €70,000.

He wasn’t the only well-known domain name investor to score a nice return. Mike Mann sold for $30,000 after buying it for just $200 in 2013.

Here are some sales: €70,000 and $9,000 – YouPass is an online payments service that seems to specialize in converting credits and gift cards. $30,000 – this domain is still in escrow, but the buyer is likely the health care company that uses EqualityHealth.NET. $12,000 – Everpresent offers media conversion and digital media organization services. It has been using the longer domain name.

Complete list of end user sales here


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