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No posts yet ( you could be the first!!!) but this is basicly how my Forum will look like.I will change the template colour and will add more Information on my boards.
Any suggestions and comments will be highly appreciated.
thanks so much

and don`t miss the launch of coming soon to talk about well guess what THE AFTER-LIFE.
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Nice job lappanion. will be a religious forum of sorts?
i am not quite sure yet what exactly to do with this great domain but i am pretty excited about the great subject.
btw i have changed the stylesheet a little. what are you thinking?
and any tips on getting my forum started would be great(i believe you have first hand experience steve)

thanks so much
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now i had to open a board dedicated to the indian domain market to keep the domainers happy that signed up on my forum.
don't worry steve you got a link there.
toni ;)

indian rep

New Member is nice looking and active forum. Seems the forum is very successfull though its the begining. And I suppose also would be a great success, as I am much interested in both these topics.
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