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Today, I am chatting with Alex Bates a full-time domain name investor based in the United Kingdom. He’s the founder of

Alex, tell me a little bit about yourself.

I hand-registered a handful of domains in 2015 and forgot about them until I was contacted by a GoDaddy broker earlier this year regarding one of them. Long story short, that sale never materialized (at least not yet), but it got me interested in domaining. I would say I have been domaining full-time for the past 6 months now. A lot of that has been a huge learning curve, but I would say that I am getting the hang of things a little better now. I am approaching 200 domains, a large chunk are brandables, but I am speculating a little with Crypto related names.

What is the domain name that you’ve sold?

I sold after receiving an offer through its Efty landing page. My default landing page theme is UDRP Safe for all new domains added until I tailor things specifically for each domain.

How much did you pay for the domain and how much did it sell for?

This domain was purchased at Snapnames auction in August for $475 and an agreement for the sale of the domain was reached in October for just shy of $10,000. I received the funds in November.

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