Banks to Accept Cheques Written in Regional Languages


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The Reserve Bank of India (RBI) recently sent a circular to all Scheduled Commercial Banks (excluding Regional Rural Banks). The circular states that while all cheque forms should be printed in Hindi and English, the customer may write cheques in Hindi, English or in the concerned regional language.

You can read the PIB press release here.

Hey in this Internet age, people still write cheques? :eek: :p


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Hey in this Internet age, people still write cheques? :eek: :p
not all people have migrated to Internet Transfers/Wire Transfers as Internet penetration in india very low. very few people have access to internet. most of them access it through Public computers on which it won't be safe to conduct financial transactions due hacking/malwares.

so people tend to avoid such complication and go old school:p
tried and test ways,

But slowly, the trend of cheque is reducing. I don't remember the last time I wrote a cheque


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Yes, internet penetration is still growing in India. Sorry, I just couldn't resist the joke about writing cheques. Anyhow, seeing as we're talking about cheques, have you heard of the negotiable cow case? All these years, I thought it was a real legal case... apparently, it's not.
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