ban these guys/bots now!

these user names(in black bold text):

04-04-2009 yo fellow!
09:26 PM scholarshipm
04-04-2009 Yo man!
08:42 PM rdrZaBE
04-04-2009 Hi
05:07 PM youngestr
04-04-2009 Yaga
04:31 PM Africanv
04-04-2009 hey
04:12 PM examplek
04-04-2009 Hello!
07:21 AM PYJhBtOx

sent me pms with subject in BlackUnderline text color with some link to i think they are bots or spammers. i dont wanna see their ad again in my pm. ban them fast!



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Thanks Abhishek!

They all have been banned already.

I hadn't realized that there was PM spam going on as well.


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Please note today we will implement more anti-spam measures. We're sorry about the spam PMs some members have received.


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Also there is an exclamation point graphic (!) on the top right hand side of every post - if you click that, we get an email right away alerting us to the problem.
i suggest you to make some script or use some mod which can block a pm if it links to a banned site like even in text or graphics, smilies etc so that even if spammer makes many fake accounts, and tries to include that site link, then his pm will automatically be blocked and he/she will be banned automatically and you dont need to work hard to ban multiple profiles promoting same site.

there will be some demand for that mod in the market too, if you can get that developed. what you think?


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We've put some new antispam measures in place. Hopefully things will be back to normal...
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