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Ron Jackson >> The DN Journal Weekly List of the TOP 20 Sales >> >>

.IN Sales: None

'New TLD'/'nTLD' Sales: BAM.TECH $15,000 ( via )

CUL.TECH / DMA.TECH $1,688 Each ( Both via Brand.DIRECT )

Like.BIKE $1.6K ( via Fancy.DOMAINS )


Percentage of .COMs among this week's ALL-TLD TOP 20 Sales:

Thu, Jun 30 = 11 out of 20 = 55%

Fri, Jul 8 = 16 out of 20 = 80%

Fri, Jul 15 = 23 out of 25 = 92% (25 entries - due to a 6-way 'Tie' at #20)

Thu, Jul 21 = 20 out of 21 = 95.24% (21 entries - due to several 'Ties')

Thu, Jul 28 = 17 out of 20 = 85%

Thu, Aug 4 = 18 out of 20 = 90%

(Dates are as per the prevailing local time in India)

------------------------------------------------------------------------ excerpts:

Sedo's Dave Evanson Rocks the Sales Chart With TWO Blockbusters Totaling Over $1 Million

By Ron Jackson

Dave Evanson | Sedo Senior Broker

[ PHOTO: | ]

Sedo Senior Broker Dave Evanson has hit the top spot on our weekly domain sales chart many times over the years but he really outdid himself this week [...] including the year's biggest (by a mile) ccTLD sale.

Evanson's [...] $650,000 sale of to UK buyer Graham Haynes.

Haynes had good reason to buy A few years ago he acquired for $57,500 and built a furniture sales business on it that is now generating $7 million a year in sales.

Haynes is also the guy who bought for $155,520 in in late May.


We also learned about another big sale this week from George Kirikos, a veteran domain investor who is also an expert at uncovering major sales hidden in government securities filings. While crunching numbers in an SEC report he learned that Sonus Networks had sold for a minimum of $800,000 last month (the exact number could not be determined and it could have been as high as 7 figures). George also knew that broker Tracy Fogarty of had among her listings so I contacted Tracy and she confirmed she brokered the deal but, as expected, it was subject to an NDA so she could not disclose the exact price information [...] We won't be able to chart it as a result [...]

[...] I noted I would next go through the more than 2,400 sales they [ / ] also sent from 2015 [...] I added the 22 sales they had (all in six figures) that ranked among 2015's 100 biggest sales and added them to that annual chart [...] Then I prepared a special document (in Excel format) that includes all of the more than 2,400 2015 sales they reported [...]

[...] Erwan Kina of used the NameJet platform to make that big sale of



[ Ron's full article - including the complete, weekly list of the DN Journal TOP 20 Sales:

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