Bad luck or plain Robbery ?


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Over the last few weeks I have been collecting a list of names to see if the domains are available.
Yesterday when I started bulk checking if these names are available on couple of sites , to my surprise I found "" available

I could not believe my eyes. How can a keyword like that not be registered ???
so i checked up a couple of more sites to see if there is any problem. the domain was indeed available

so i decided to register it. I took about 10 -15 mins to sort out my credit card issue and when i went to register it , the domain was gone !!!!

I checked the whois register and saw that the domain was registered just a few mins back.

unbelieveable !!
bad luck ?? coincidence that exactly at that same time another person finds the same domain ??
or was there a "spy" script on some of these websites which can bulk check domains?

I still cant believe that this domain which was not picked up for quite some time suddenly gets registered the minute i start checking on these sites


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Welcome to the community RemAza!

That's certainly an unfortunate thing to happen.

It could be either, but likely just bad luck. is registered at Godaddy. It's pretty unlikely that they are behind this:
Front Running: Debunking the Myth | Inside

I think that the general wisdom is to register as soon as you know the domain you want is available - a 10-15 minute wait is too long.

On another note, I'm not sure is worth much. It looks to have been registered and dropped by many domainers - at least 3 members here seem to have owned it at one point and then dropped it.


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I think that, luckily for you, someone registered it before you did. was available for a reason. As Jeff said, it's not worth much. .IN is not a huge ccTLD like .DE, so its sub-extensions are worth less and less as you progress from,, to the others.


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Godaddy shows recently checked domains to other visitors.
So may be someone else bought that domain. That's why I never check my domains at Godaddy.
unbelieveable !!
bad luck ?? coincidence that exactly at that same time another person finds the same domain ??
Hi RemAza! You asked if it is "Bad luck or plain Robbery?"

Think it's Good Luck and (an opportunity for) Situational Mastery! (if it can be phrased so :))

Good luck, 'cause you just became a member of this high-value forum this month and you're 2 posts young (not 'old'), yet got to learn something invaluable! What else can you expect one to call you - other than 'Lucky'. Happy for you! Indeed.

Situational Mastery, 'cause, that's what one needs to do when one believes he/she is right in front of an opportunity!! (registering the domain, in your case). Though you have neither registered nor invested in the name, you have already invested your self in a priceless learning.

Thanks to the experience, more likely than otherwise, you could have an edge over other domainers who have entered the world of domaining at the same time as you - or even those before you! It is up to you, though.

Welcome to the forum RemAza! Nice to have you here and wishing you the very best.


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Looks like they are not showing now.
But godaddy used to show when someone searches for domain name. I had seen before a year in the old design, when I searched for a domain name.
Suggested Domain Names, Recent searches or something like that, Premium Domains.
But now their Recent searches is only mint for own searches.
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