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I am going to change the hosting of my blogs. I have got 2 blogs. This is the first time am going to change the hosting. But i heard that when i do it, i will lose all my data in the blogs. I do not know how to do the back up. Can any one tell me how to do it?


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What blog software are you using? Most blog software has some sort of backup function that you can use.

Also, if you are switching to similar hosting, there are ways to copy an entire site. For instance, if you are switching from a cpanel hosting account to another cpanel hosting account, it can be fairly straightforward to copy any site.

In any event, if none of the above applies to you, you just need to copy all the files from your old host to your hard drive, then from your hard drive to your new host. You will also need to copy the database onto your hard drive then upload that to your new host. You may need to change some settings at your new host if you have changed the database name.


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If you are going to change your hosting then I should advise you to move to Wordpress if you aren’t using it now. It has the ability to transfer all your blog post from your old blog to your new one.


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