"Avoid Buying New Domain Extensions" says Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF)


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Top-level domains are the letters after the dot, like .com, .uk, .biz, or .mobi. Since 2003, hundreds of new top-level domains have come onto the market, and there has never been more choice for domain name registrants. But apart from choosing a name that sounds right and is easy to remember, a domain name registrant should also consider the policies of the registry that operates the domain, and those of the registrar that sells it to them.

avoid registering in a top-level domain that offers special rights and procedures to brand owners, that could result in your domain name being wrongly taken away or could embroil you in dispute settlement proceedings.

we draw attention to the policies of registries Donuts and Radix that have established private deals with the Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA) appointing it as a "trusted notifier" to initiate a registry-level take down of websites that it claims are engaged in extensive copyright infringement.

Source - https://www.eff.org/deeplinks/2017/07/how-threats-against-domain-names-used-censor-content

Whitepaper - https://www.eff.org/files/2017/07/26/domain_registry_whitepaper.pdf

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They're not new domain extensions, but I think they're also best avoided. They're fine if you have development plans, but you likely won't get much for them on resale.
Thanks. I have below domains:


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I have sold a few .net(s) for mid $XXX but you have to be selective. My main extensions are .com and I'm getting prepared for the .in explosion


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.net domains an extremely hard sell. People don't like going with it usually or buying for resale. The .net zone has been shrinking.

People choose .org and ccTLDs because they want to use those extensions.

I have sold a few .net(s) for mid $XXX but you have to be selective. My main extensions are .com and I'm getting prepared for the .in explosion


The .com domains have been bringing a pretty penny for many years now. It is time for the smaller domain extensions to come more to the forefront of the domain selling business. The more popular they are, the higher the price. Once that market gets saturated, those extensions too will become high money makers. The trick is going to be choosing which ones will be the first to go.


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