Autism.Rocks sold for $100,000


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The domain name Autism.Rocks sold for $100,000.
This is one of the highest reported new gTLD sales.

Any thoughts on the sale?
Autism has become a very convenient way to exploit. cheat, harass and defame webmasters and domain investors in some countries
Very strange sale. I'm not sure it means much. It's almost as if it was done to create publicity.

Standard $100K registry suck em in sale, expected the next one to be .casino, perhaps coming soon?
Seems like a clusterf--- of a "sale" according to one post on the related NP's thread which is not hard to believe.

If it --- etc etc.
well the domain he already has is better than so why spend soooo much money for it? I think Jeff is right- overinflated sale.

I also would not have spent so much money, I posted only to let know the buyer :)

I don't know if this is a suspect sale, I also thought in this way when initially I read the post (and in every case is an overinflated sale).

But it is also possible that the buyer has no budget problem and he liked more :) (and maybe also to create publicity like Jeff said)
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