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T_w_e_e_t_e_r [dot]co [dot]in

Apart from the obvious similarities with the *popular* site, how much would you appraise this as an audio system domain?
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Could you also share your opinion on SpeedTest[dot]co[dot]in ? Got it for about 3 months but haven't asked yet for an appraisal . Thank you.


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SpeedTest looks nice name :) may be it gets typins i think

but still any speed test scripts will be good to put and test


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SpeedTest looks nice name :) may be it gets typins i think

but still any speed test scripts will be good to put and test

I like as well.

There are quite a few areas where someone might want to test a speed. Eg: checking the speed of a website, browser or Internet connection. Checking the speed of how fast you can type or how fast you are at sports/exercise. With regard to the dollar value, I'll have to let someone else provide that.


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Thanks to both! Yes, you're right: SpeedTest receives an average of 10/12 unique visitors per day. What do you think about Tweeter?


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SpeedTest receives an average of 10/12 unique visitors per day.
Today it got 25 visits! :) SpeedTest has produced a total of 78 clicks in the last 3 months. Unfortunately CPC is extremely low: an average of $0.015! What might be a reason for that?
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