Auctioning.In is LIVE - Add your domains, Get 5PM.IN for $1 !!


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Well, I officially decided to launch today.

Key Points,

1) 100% free ... Not any fees anywhere or temporary signup credits
2) KISS - Keep It Simple Stupid. This is not fancy software, it is a place to CONDUCT BUSINESS ... So let's get to it :)

I have started by offering 5PM.IN which is appraised at EstiBot for $4,400 for just a $1 starting BID. If nothing else stop by and see if you can get a premium name for $1 list a couple of your's and see what happens.

3) We want your suggestions / advice on rules .. and what you would like

4) We are not going to *jack up fees or ADD ANY FEES AT ALL* if this site becomes successful. This is a TOOL for webmasters to do one thing. Buy & Sell their .in properties COMMISSION FREE. Hopefully eventually ending up with some end users not just resellers.

Go ahead, stop by : ... We know, it's nothing special. We don't care. We want to see some business being done before we get fancy graphics and all that trendy stuff. I care more about it being USED - Period.

So : Ladies & Gentleman, think we can make a go out of an entirely free market place ?


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If I have listed my domains for sale elsewehere like ebay, can I post a link on your website?


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No, you would be able to have them listed in the fixed price area of the forum if you had them listed @ fixed prices on other forums ... But you should make a note it is a multi forum post.

Only reason is you can not auction off a property at 2 places and give it to the highest bidder - not fair to either web site.
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