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Member has been sold at Sedo to a currently unknown buyer. In general, most 2 letter .org domain names sell for $xx,xxx

Early Warning Services, LLC. has acquired via Marksmen when the domain name expired and was dropped. The domain was acquired via for an undisclosed amount. Early Warning is a nationwide specialty consumer reporting agency and owns the Zelle trademark, Zelle Network and Zelle Networks trademarks. which I mentioned was recently acquired and potentially a large transaction, was acquired by Axton Partners according to whois records. Although, there isn’t much information as to who or what Axton Partners is. The email is connected to, which is owned by Sue Oberndorf of San Francisco, CA. and may be in connection to William Oberndorf of SPO Partners but that isn’t fully clear. To note, the email address for Axton is for “Peter”, who appears to be Peter Oberndorf, potentially the son? of William and Susan Oberndorf. Peter Oberndorf is the managing director, founder and COO of Destination Homes L.P. which is part of Oberndorf Enterprises, LLC. William Oberndorf is the chairman of Oberndorf Enterprises, LLC. The whois address for matches the address of Oberndorf Enterprises, LLC.

Triad Retail Media has acquired from The domain held a buy now of $2,395 sells for $50,000 as reported by Mike Mann on his social network feeds. He purchased the domain on November 1, 2007 for $2,700. The domain sold at Sedo and held a buy now of $94,888 on DomainMarket. Mike also sold for $19,000, which he acquired January 13, 2012 for $7. In general, Mike owns around 300,000 domains, with an annual renewal cost of around $2.7 million for the portfolio ($9 x 300,000), which doesn’t include acquisition costs similar to the $2,700 spent on What I’m trying to say, $50K sales don’t happen with every domain but they do happen. Invest wisely and don’t get stuck on the “sales price”.

MarkMonitor acquired and for a currently unknown client but one would expect it to be Apple as both domains would be typo’s of

Google LLC were the buyers as I expected of

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