Are domains for cryptocurrencies worth buying?


You could really come up with so good names for cryptocurrencies but do you think it is a stable enough market to really invest your money in it? Many countries are not allowing them without some kind of regulations. The US says they will not tax them, but what else do they have in mind? Do you think it is a valid segment?
Can you find one that's available with .com, .org, or .net extension? I've played around with it and it seems most have been bought already. The sellers who own those domains seem to want top dollar, and more than they are worth in my opinion.
Can you find one that's available with .com, .org, or .net extension?
I've got you covered, Parth. is available. Feel free to use it. Oddly enough, is taken. I'm guessing it came about when the .life extension was on sale for .88 cents. is open though.
Sounds like they haven't really been sold out yet. I am looking into what I want to use and I'll let you know if the one you mentioned gets the vote. Thank you for your help.


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