Appraisal request for BUX.IN and CGU.IN - a follow up


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Hi everyone!

About 18 months ago I asked for an appraisal about these two domains.


I received very useful feedbacks from various members but one thing in common about the appraisals was that LLL.IN domains needed 5 years outlook before they gain some value, or at least their full value.

Now, I purchased them in 2007 from another end user. I can retrace the previous owner from 2005. Therefore, about 8 years have passed.

Is there anyone who could tell me their worth now and explain from when the 5 year outlook should be counted?
I don't seem to understand. Please, enlighten me.

And, are these two domains going to gain further value since the LLL.IN domains have all been registered?

Many thanks for your feedbacks! :)

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For CGU, some educational university might be interested, because many universities resemble same name as CGU.

Of course these domains would gain value but not on good rate , as it depends on customer end requirement.
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