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It’s not every day that a domain name owned by a major corporation becomes the subject of a UDRP filing. According to the World Intellectual Property Organization, a UDRP was filed against

When I did a Whois search on this seemingly generic (and certainly valuable) domain name, I did a doubletake. is owned by Apple. Yes, the Apple Inc. from Cupertino, California. Apple is one of the world’s largest companies, and it certainly has a legal department that can defend its right to own this domain name.

If you visit, the domain name doesn’t seem to resolve, although nameserver records show that the domain name has nameservers. was created in January of 1996, making it over 21 years old. Apple acquired when it acquired a music service called Lala, and Cult of Mac has the interesting story about its acquisition.

Even without the history of the Lala brand that Apple acquired, is a valuable domain name in its own right. Estibot lists its value at $176,000. NameBio does not have any historical sales listed for this domain name.

In order to win this dispute, the complainant will need to prove that the domain name was registered and is being used in bad faith. Based on the fact that Apple acquired a business that was also called Lala, it seems to me that proving the bad faith element will be pretty challenging.



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Considering what UDRP filings costs, this sounds like a waste of money. Of course we do not get to see all of the particulars just yet but doesn't sound winnable for the complainant.


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