Apple CEO Tim Cook India visit: Here are the top announcements


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Apple CEO Tim Cook was in India last week and he had quite a schedule; meetings India’s top business leaders, partying with SRK, watching an IPL cricket match in Kanpur, and of course the final meeting with Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

Apple opens iOS App Development Centre in Bengaluru

The first big announcement with Tim Cook’s India visit was the opening of a new iOS App Design and Development Centre in Bengaluru.

Apple Maps office in Hyderabad Apple also announced the opening of a new office in Hyderabad that will focus on development of its Maps product.

Apple CEO Tim Cook on why their pre-owned certified iPhones are different Apple’s plans to sell certified pre-owned iPhones in India was not dumping at all, Apple CEO Tim Cook said while accepting that there was some misunderstanding about the products.

Apple CEO Tim Cook: We’re not going to lower the bar on our products During the course of his interview, Tim Cook also clarified that Apple will not pander to the market by making cheaper iPhones. “We are about making the best products and we are not going to lower the bar, and say we will reduce our standard to make another product. That is not who we are and that is not something our customers expect from us,” he replied when asked if Apple planned to counter the budget segment in India with the pre-owned iPhones.

Seems that Apple CEO Tim Cook has been very busy lately in regards of India's businesses .And he had quite a schedule; meetings all those India’s top business leaders, and even meeting Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

The opening of a new iOS App Design and Development Centre in Bengaluru are great news in GDP terms. Although what Tim Cook said really doesn't sound like they are really concerned about preserving quality more than an excuse to no lower the overall price.


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