.App domains are coming: Q&A with Google


Google paid $25 million three years ago for rights to run the .App top level domain name and it’s finally ready to offer it to consumers.

While the original application said the domain would only be available to verified app developers, Google has decided to make it open to everyone. I reached out to Google to understand more about the launch.

Right now the domain is in a qualified launch period but, as you’ll see in the questions below, this is an invite-only opportunity. The domain will move to Sunrise on March 29, Early Access on May 1 and general availability on May 8.

DNW: What’s required to get a domain during the qualified launch period?
Google: The qualified launch period is for pioneer registrants who will host .app sites to showcase interesting uses of the .app TLD. Google is reaching out to candidates through various channels, and at the moment we aren’t soliciting direct applications.

DNW: The .app application said it would be limited to app developers. This restriction has been removed, correct?
Google: That is correct. We have decided to no longer have an explicit restriction, but expect that app developers will be amongst the potential registrants that find most value in this new namespace.

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