Anyone knows a website valuation guy?


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Anyone knows any expert who does valuations of websites?

I might be thinking of a possible sale of a large site and would like to know its valuation.

Any help will be appreciated.



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Websites are normally sold on the basis of some multiple of revenue.

For webmaster type of websites, you are normally looking at 6 months to 24 months of revenue, depending on many factors, including the type of website, how the revenue is being earned, and the amount of work to maintain the website.

If your website is worth more than $100,000 you probably want to get a broker or an investment banking firm to help you sell the website (and they typically take a 10% commission).


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I imagine high quality backlinks and a strong domain name will also affect a website's value.


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Thanks jeff and ceres.

Yes, we're looking at over 100k easy... IMHO it should be near 200 - 250k $.

Would be great if anyone could introduce us to a professional website valuation company / broker dealing with Indian traffic.


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I can evaluate your website, If you give all the details of your website.

It will cost you $ 150, and 1 week is needed to do a detailed step by step evaluation.

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i have been selling many websites before, so i can tell you some proper estimation and get some brokerage work done and ofcourse the value of a website also depends on how much hard-work you put to design & develop its customized features even if its bringing in no revenue or traffic and such a website can easily cross $500k mark even without revenue or traffic and this is only one of the reasons why i like selling websites more than domain names alone. another reason for my preference is that even long & bullshit domains on a blog of 11 plain posts can hit easily 5000 bucks but that same domain wont even cross $6 or so on a bido like place, im sorry leave that $6, the bido genius'Z wont even list it for sale.
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