Any experience with Postmatic to improve engagement?


From what I can tell, Postmatic is meant to encourage community engagement by allowing readers and bloggers to respond to newsletters, articles, comments, and other content directly through a regular email account. Respond immediately by hitting reply rather than leaving your inbox and going to the content, or continuing to check emails and forgetting to respond at all. It would save time too because you wouldn't need to switch back and forth between tabs and you could respond while the idea is fresh in your mind, which would cut down on the need to read comments over again. It isn't a prohibitively expensive service either.

I can see the benefit, but what I don't understand is how using the service won't cut into the owner's bottom line. I'm not that concerned about ads since they pay a pittance and many folks use adblockers anyway, but how will affiliate links work? Won't this also affect your google ranking?


Thanks for sharing the added info, Abhijit. I just wish I could try it on my site, without it actually affecting my revenue. I need to create another one to do test runs.


For my FB page, I have been using Buffer to post content that I glean from other sites and authors willing to share it all. This allows me to post to my social media accounts from one app. You can also use something called PressThis to share content. If I figure out a way to automate the email thing, I'll post it here.


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