ANOTHER disastrous blow for .In and idiotic decision by the government of India!!


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Even Amazon is thinking of leaving India!! What the hell are these old timer policy makers in the Indian Government thinking about when writing up these policies? Do they honestly want to set back India another 10 years?! Look at the speed of Web technology progression in China?! WHY are Indian politicians SOOOOOOO ridiculously stupid??

Please also read this article about Amazon (

Amazon Kindle Store in India, Junglee to shut down? - Internet | ThinkDigit News King

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Ok TK i know this news is quite depressing since it could have been significant boost for India's webspace, BUT, all is not lost. Irrespective of this bad news, i've known for a while now that the .IN game is the waiting game. We have to be ready to wait till 2015-2018 to probably seem good returns, but it is still well worth it. The long wait will be worth our while, but we only win if we can wait. Please readjust your expectations and you will see .IN still has good potential. Be patient, and good luck to you .IN investors.


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@Truekumar - sad news indeed

@warbux - I love and share your stubbornness ;) We need to think of India as the 'sleeping giant'. King

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@Truekumar - sad news indeed

@warbux - I love and share your stubbornness ;) We need to think of India as the 'sleeping giant'.

i agree!!!! There are still 100s of thousands of businesses that will need a web presence in the near future. Just wait for the fish to come into the net! :)

When India liberalized in early 1990's, same person different role, as FM, India was facing a lot MORE issues. Once the process is initiated, there is usually no rollbacks. India has come a long way since then and part of the BRIC future.

To be honest, most people and politicians do not care about online/e-commerce yet. If they could push through FDI for Brick and motor stores (The largest lobby against, being the local business community) then it would be just minor policy changes to cater to the online piece of it.

Last but not least, I would be more worried if these kind of policy level issues were discussed in say Economic Times. :)

Cheers, Indian E-Commerce is not going anywhere, but Up!



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Personally I think that it will take 8 years minimum to see the types of high valuations of .Ins that most of us on this forum are dreaming about. The ONLY way to increase value of our names under the period of those long 8 years of government policy changes, banning of websites, lack of educating the masses about the potential of ICT, is DEVELOP and DEVELOP and DEVELOP our names so that people start using .In web addresses.

The government has much much more to do to increase internet usage penetration, India is FAR FAR behind the rest of the world and countries such as China, USA and UK. Even if it surpasses these countries in the next 5 years in terms of number of users, those Indian users WILL NEVER be quality users, they will not be web SPENDERS, they will be occasional users, therefore e-commerce has a VERY LONG way to go unless we HELP the process by building quality websites for the customers so that they start to become accustomed to using the web for local purchasing, networking and business. We on this forum hold some excellent names but we ARE NOT helping ourselves by JUST SITTING on our names, we NEED to develop guys!


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It's actually good news for .in investors lol

The less international sharks being on-line, the better for local online retailers who need their own domains/websites


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Kriss, I don't think you understand what this means! The implications for e-commerce are very dire and extremely severe for any online company! Foreign companies have the experience and expertise to kick start this sector and improve things for ALL Indian online companies and set a bench mark for a quality online shopping experience for the customers. WITHOUT foreign companies, India is more than 10 years behind in terms of a mature online shopping market and therefore without these companies, India will take 10-15 years to catch up with aspects of e-commerce such as TRUST, PAYMENT SYSTEMS, LOGISTICS and DELIVERY SERVICES, SECURITY SYSTEMS ect.....ect.....

The government has yet again set back the growth of a quality virtual ecosystem in India! Without giants will, the small online indian businesses have no one on to whom to replicate their business models or learn from. The foreign online retailers would have invested MILLIONS of dollars in research into the Indian market and development of great online models of which then smaller niche businesses could have replicated for their own benefits. Now that this IS NOT going to happen, the smaller Indian businesses whom DO NOT have the funds for research will survive but NOT grow to their potential in a country of this size and a potentially multi-billion e-commerce market in India will not reach its peak for many many years just due to our stupid backwards government policies!!
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