Amazon Investing in India - expects to be a trillion dollar market


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Great article on the future of ecommerce in India and Amazon's plans

The company predicts that India will be its biggest market after the U.S. within a decade and that the Indian e-commerce market as a whole will ultimately be gigantic. “The size of opportunity is so large it will be measured in trillions, not billions—trillions of dollars, that is, not rupees,” says Diego Piacentini, Amazon’s senior vice president for international retail, who oversees operations in Asia and Europe and who is Amazon’s biggest employee shareholder after Bezos


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On a related note, we need to understand such market predictions while pricing our premium domain names. Large corporations will come and hopefully many medium sized companies will figure out the power of .in domain names as well.

It wont be a stretch to see in the span of the next 10 years, .in domain extension would be the most valuable cctld or for that matter, second only to .coms.
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