Amazon India Says Tablets, Laptops, Other Electronics No Longer Eligible for Refunds


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Bought a tablet, laptop, desktop PC, monitor, camera, or camera lens on Amazon recently? If you bought it after May 11, then your product is not eligible for a refund; Amazon recently updated its returns policy on these products, and if you're planning to make a purchase on the e-commerce site, you should know that your product will not be eligible for a refund, only a replacement.

A statement on Amazon's website reads: "All tablets, laptops, desktops, monitors, cameras, and camera lenses that are fulfilled by Amazon and purchased on or after 11th May 2016 are eligible for a replacement only policy and will no longer be eligible for refunds. In case you have received a defective or a damaged product, you will be eligible for a free replacement."

Thanks for sharing this information. In fact, it's very important to be aware of the general terms before we buy something or else we think we can get refund and it's not eligible.
Good to be aware of purchase policy updates Although is not the only one business applying for "No refund" policies. Is understandable, want to save them from the trouble of delivering a specific amount of money into a specific bank account. Is easier to just shipping goods rather than deal with transactions.
Yeah, quite a few companies are going for non refund... That's not very friendly, but at the end of the day we need to know if we want to buy that or not.


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