AI Is Changing SEO Faster Than U Think


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By now everyone has heard of Google’s RankBrain, the new artificial intelligence machine learning algorithm that is supposed to be the latest and greatest from Mountain View, Calif. What many of you might not realize, however, is just how fast the SEO industry is changing because of it. In this article, I’ll take you through some clear examples of how some of the old rules of SEO no longer apply, and what steps you can take to stay ahead of the curve in order to continue to provide successful SEO campaigns for your businesses...............

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Interesting read. How the evoution of google's AI is redefining conventional SEO strategies, is something to seriously take into account to avoid these changes catch you off guard.


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Seems that content specific to the root domain will have an early advantage. The brand name (vertical or niche) must pay the ferryman to become cognitive, same as it ever was ? Or When AlphaGo beat Lee Sedol one comment that stood out for me: "In go, the purpose is to have more territory than the opponent. There is no point in humiliating the opponent by having a big advantage. I think the aim of the strange moves was to increase the confidence of the program in its advance, not to increase the advance." Interesting times ?


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