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Assume little or zero knowledge on my part.

Have a Wordpress site set up for a dating site but currently hosted via Ipage who do not provide SSH service which the site requires.

They recommended purchasing their VPN service which seems to be more than I require, plus they offered to charge me $150 to transfer the site!

Any recommendations for a provider with SSH capability, or any recommendations in general?

I use Ipage basic hosting for multiple sites but now stepping out of my comfort area.


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Any recommendations for a provider with SSH capability, or any recommendations in general?

HostGator gives SSH access. I assume you meant to type VPS (instead of VPN). I would not advise to use VPS, because of these reasons;

1. You need to administer the server yourself.
2. You need to tune the server yourself.
3. You have to apply security patches yourself & be on top of latest critical bugs.

VPS is not all that bad. I use VPS for my Linux scripts but not for hosting my sites, because of points 1,2,3 above.

Have a Wordpress site set up for a dating site but currently hosted via Ipage who do not provide SSH service which the site requires.

Is it possible to ask, why they need SSH access, normally based on my interactions, some software are okay with SFTP (FTP over SSH). If thats the case, maybe you should look at dedicated WordPress hosting:

1. WordPress Hosting Plans from Pressable
2. Managed WordPress Hosting Pricing | WordPress Hosting by @WPEngine

I use (1) above for one of my site. I know a friend who is using (2) and also is happy with them. He called up(2) above & negotiated a nice deal with them.


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Yes VPS - duh!

The last thing I want is to be involved with 1 ,2 & 3 as I have no idea.

I was advised that I required SSH because of multiple password etc related to a dating site. The more I looked the more confused I got hence the post.

I will have a look at the WP options.

Why pay for transfer, best is move away from them you can take a look at manage VPS hosting provider listed below who will get your website transferred free of charge:




Service is far better than ipage using them for more than 3 years now for personal use as well as customers.


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If you are looking for a cheap VPS to switch your blog over to instead of using shared hosting like you are now, I recommend you checkout a site called which is basically a blog that hosts advertise their cheap VPS packages on. You can usually pick up a good deal there and get 512MB RAM VPS's for around $18.00 a year or less. That is as cheap or cheaper than shared hosting yet you get greater authority over what you can do with the server because it is a VPS and not shared hosting which severely limits what type of things you can install and run.
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