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Does any INForum member run adult web portal?
I own couple of adult domain names and want to develop them, however not sure about following and your inputs would be appreciated
a. Is it legal to run adult web portals (being an Indian)
b. Any recommendations - affiliates or membership sites where I can simply re-direct and earn partial revenue
c. Any other scripts if I wish to do it 100% by myself or
d. Any one with running business in this line willing to partner with me on this.



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I believe it is not legal to run adult websites on .in domains. I am not sure what your laws say about operating adult website on other extensions.

Depending on what sort of adult website / traffic you have, there a re some good tube scripts out there and some good tube affiliate sites, but the affiliate stuff is mainly for US traffic.

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I believe it is not legal to run adult websites on .in domains. I am not sure what your laws say about operating adult website on other extensions.

Any pointers where it is mentioned that it is illegal to run adult on .in domains? I haven't been able to trace it, however Indian laws prohibit Individuals dealing in adult content - but don't know if domains are included.

Appreciate your response (Thank You follows...) :)



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We did an interview with an Indian lawyer a while back and this is what he had to say:

Are there any restrictions on registering Indian domains? The Government of India some years back established the Computer Emergency Response Team, or CERT-IN, as a means to monitor all incoming and outgoing Internet traffic from India. Currently, there is no established law as to which websites the government censors, or when. In the past, mainly pornographic and anti-establishment political websites have been blocked.
Adult web sites are restricted as being against public morals and decency. Most registrars and hosts will not register or host web sites which contain adult contents including pornography, warez sites etc. However the discretion as to what the “adult” material is has been left entirely to the registrars and hosts of web sites.

In practical terms, I think it's pretty risky to develop adult content on a .in or, especially when you could easily use a .com instead.

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Blocking .In domain within India is one thing, prosecuting the domain owner - would be really a pain. I agree .com versions are possible, but that holds true for any domain, not just for adult portals. Anyways, I guess this is a gray area for now and i am not sure what to do with my domains which can't be used for anything else but adult content.



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one thing is sure that it is not possible legally to run a porn site from India, but other options like redirecting domains to other adult affiliate site can be work


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