Acquiring Generic One word domains ($XXXX paid)

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We are acquiring one words generic domains. We prefer finance/business/lifestyle keywords....We specifically are looking for single word domains(dictionary words)...Not a combination of two words...

$XXXX paid

Pm with your list

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do like fresh hot ?
how about could be wicked for India magazine. for the filmy


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Consider these if u wish:
...if u do not wish to go just by single word domain names, there r a few more proffesional or bussiness related domains such as:
and a few more...
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PM me with offers

Offers will be considered – including buying more than one or all. Payment via Paypal. Estibot appraisal in brackets(...). ($15,000)
$200 ($5,800)
$200 ($5,400)
$200 ($2,100)
$175 ($2,500)
$175 ($2,400)
$175 ($2,000)
$175 ($1,600)
$175 ($1,300)
$125 ($1,200)
$125 ($1,200)
$125 ($1,200)
$125 ($1,200)
$125 ($1,100)
$100 ($1,100)
$100 ($1,000)
$75 ($940)
$75 ($940)
$75 ($800)
$50 ($780)
$50 ($660)
$50 ($450)
$35 ($410)
$35 ($350)
$35 ($300)
$35 ($300)
$35 ($280)
$25 ($200)
$25 ($180)
$25 ($150)
$25 ($65)
$25 ($35)


Make offers for

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