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hi Jeff,

Request you to Convert Forum To Be Accessed By Mobile Phones. At present OUR forum is not mobile friendly (I use Nokia to access) so please install the necessary modules/ plugin and make the forum mobile friendly.



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That's a good suggestion freeads. So many people are now accessing the web via their mobile phones.


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well right now i am on from my phone but i see no problem whatsoever accessing or browsing through this forum.
Im using opera mini and it shows me the site exactly how i see it on a pc.


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I've installed a mobile style and installed a product that automatically detects whether you are accessing the forum from a mobile, and if you are, uses the mobile style.

Let me know how it works and whether there are any issues. It seems to be working from my mobile.


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It looks like I can only change things in broad strokes - eg if you have an iphone, or if you have a Windows mobile device. When is it best to present the mobile format? I'm still looking to see if there is a different way to let mobile users choose the mobile or regular format.

There are also special iphone apps I could customize for the forum - if that's of interest, let me know.


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Jeff, Thanks a lot for a quick action.

I can see the changes on my cell. (I use Nokia 5800).

It is good step. Actually internet on mobile phones have become very cheap in Bombay. For just INR98 (about USD2) per month we can surf and download data up to 2GB.

More and more people are now using internet for surfing, checking mail and also time pass on local trains.

We can do one more thing (am i demanding too much!) is to develop an Apps for Inforum for Sysbian phones(Nokia). Actually it is very simple and easy. You can do it very quickly at this link: Here

Once again thanks a lot


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Thanks for the link freeads! I wasn't aware one could do this. I've developed the app and submitted it to be approved.


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The App was rejected due to offensive content. I've deleted the adult forum from the RSS feed and resubmitted the App for review.


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dear jeff, i run a big board. Can you please tell me which style and how are you using it to detect if its a cell phone.

may come as handy for me too
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