Accenture files UDRP on 75 .XYZ domain names


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Accenture, one of the largest consulting companies in the world, has filed a UDRP proceeding against 75 .xyz domain names.

I did a quick Whois search on a handful of the domain names, and it appears that they may all be owned by the same entity with a Vietnam address. The domain names I checked had an early-June registration date.

Based on the registration dates I saw, it appears that these domain names were registered when the .XYZ registry was celebrating its second anniversary, and some domain registrars were selling .XYZ domain names for as little as one cent each. If these domain names each cost $.01, the total cost of these domain names was less than $1. Obviously, this cost is significantly lower than the cost of the UDRP filing!

Here is the list of domain names in this UDRP:

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