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A big welcome to INForum's newest advertiser - Above.com

Above.com is a parking manager. The basic goal is to allow domainers to quickly and easily manage the parking of their domains, and to ensure that domains are parked with the parking service that maximizes parking revenue.

As you probably know, each domain will perform differently at each parking service. So, the best thing to do to maximize your parking revenue is to test all the different parking services to see which one performs best for each domain. That's a lot of work, and to complicate matters, things change over time, so you constantly need to be testing.

The reality is that because of the work involved many people, myself included, are to busy / lazy to do this continually.

Above.com automates this process. When you use the Above.com Parking Manager, you no longer need to manually change your name servers to change parking services - Above.com takes care of this automatically. It tests the different parking services and automatically moves each of your domains around to the best performing parking company. Plus, Above.com provides detailed statistics so that you can review the parking statistics from all your parking accounts in one central place.

The cost of this is -- free, and there are no hidden costs.

It sounds to me like a great service that can ensure that you are maximizing your domain revenues with a minimum of effort. I'll be giving this a try right away.


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Thanks for sharing the interesting information
about above.com parking manager..
Its very excellent quote..
thank you..
Welcome, Above.com

Hope you receive a lot of Domainers looking for steady and effective management of their parking domains. Tedious an grindy Process automation is so much needed nowadays and definitely sounds as a
smart move to give it a try.


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Thank you for sharing this site with us, I am checking the site out and reading through it right now. I'll probably try a few of my domains on this site just to see if it is any good, I currently have most of my domains at sedo but I am thinking about moving them just to see if I can get more out of them. I was going to try the godaddy one but I think I'll give this site a shot now instead.


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