A strong month for .com


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A strong month for .com domain name registrations.

ICANN has published the latest official .com transactions report from Verisign, which includes data by registrar for March 2017.

March was a strong one with 3.22 million new .com domain registrations. Compare this to March 2016 when there were 3.08 million new .com registrations.

The top registrars in terms of new registrations saw little movement. HiChina and PublicDomainRegistry swapped places but there were no new entrants:

1. GoDaddy* 1,044,706
2. Tucows** 243,851
3. HiChina 157,460
4. PublicDomainRegistry 131,107
5. Namecheap 130,995

On the flip side, these five registrars saw the biggest net outflow of .com domain names due to transfers:

1. Web.com*** -10,452
2. Tucows -7,137
3. PublicDomainRegistry -5,912
4. Fabulous -5,685
5. 1&1 -4,759

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