A Ray of Hope in Cheap Traffic - Signature Ads and Banners


Signature ads and banners may not be a lot of people, but you know where the traffic is coming from. Generally speaking, it isn't fake. However, on the other hand, pop-under, redirected, and social media traffic is often incredibly fake. In fact, that stuff is a downright robbery of people's marketing funds.

Anyway, what has been your experience with sig ads and banners? I'm trying out some rotating signature ads which are also banners. I think they should do well, as the poster has a lot of forum posts and he posts a lot.


I have really good results on forums with a signature link. I can keep my posts on-topic and say something useful and the ad is in the sig if people want to read more.


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Well signature ads are free advertisement. Why not take the opportunity? It is a nice way to possible increase your traffic.

You shouldn't only limit your signature ads to forums though. Put them in your emails as well. You would be surprised how many people will be intrigued.

I prefer ads over proper banners. Banners seem a bit much to me.
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